HEY. I’m Nicole.


I’ve got a big heart and big dreams and I’m pretty stoked that somehow, some way, you ended up here interested in what little ‘ole me is doing. Welcome. I was born and raised in the Mountains but throughout my travels I’ve spread my heart into many different parts of the world. I did my first yoga training in Greece almost 4 years ago, after a transformative journey into yoga that allowed me to get off of my antidepressant medications and lose 45 pounds. I dove headfirst into teaching after that training, and have since accumulated 700 hours of training including a Somatic Movement Therapy program, and nearly 2,000 teaching hours.

Since I was a little kid, I’ve believed in making the world a better place and had a special interest in caring for other humans. My dad tells a story of me as a 5 year old who watched a bad motorbike crash, and made my dad track down the man and bring me to the hospital to see that he was okay and to give him a get-well card. I’ve been blessed with a heart that is fulfilled by giving. It’s no surprise that I found the practice of facilitating yoga and transformation both for myself and others. I feel so lucky to live in abundance and feel it is my responsibility to spread the wealth and help others, too.

I graduated college from Montana State University with a Bachelor’s in Photography, and spend the other half of my career photographing portraits and weddings. (You can Click Here if you want to see that work.) It is no mistake that my photography work also revolves around relationship + love. I’m a sucker for it. Watching my passions of yoga + photography mysteriously weave to build my career is pretty incredible. Even as I write this, I kind of have to pinch myself.

The final piece to my puzzle is that I host health + wellness related events in Bozeman, MT which will eventually be held in other cities as well. I believe so deeply in the goodness of yoga and all of the potential doorways it holds into healthier overall states of wellbeing. I have hosted 2 years of EDGE Wellness Week, which is a packed full schedule of workouts, yoga classes, community events, self-care, etc. This takes place each September!

Next steps for me include hosting a yoga retreat abroad (want to join? Send me an inquiry!) and traveling more to teach and do photo work. What do you want to see from Nicole Wild Collective? I’m all ears!


Education, Qualifications, Experience. Etc.



Trainings + Education

Embodied Flow (500 hour E-RYT + Movement Therapy)

-200-hour “Art of Facilitation” in Greece, August 2015.

-100-hour “Body” Module in Bali, January 2016.

-100-hour “Mind” Module in Bali, December 2018.

-100-hour “Expression” Module in Bali, January 2019.

-200 Hour Somatic Movement Therapy in Bali, February 2019.

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Teaching Experience

-Your Yoga Bozeman, September 2015-present.

-Spire Climbing Center, May 2016 - present. (Adults + Kids)

-Ekam Yoga, May 2017-May 2018.

-Montana State University, December 2016 - May 2017.

-Montana Lotus Yoga. 2016. (Adults + Kids)

-Yellowstone Club Substitute Teacher, winter season 2017.

-Private Corporate Yoga, May 2016-present.

-Mountain Yoga, February 2019-present.

-Big Sky Yoga Retreats, Summer 2018-present.

-I’ve taught at many events throughout the Bozeman area!

-Arm Balance/Inversion Workshops

-Yoga Off the Mat workshop



Other people I’ve trained with through a workshop setting:

-Desiree Rumbaugh Bozeman, 2015

-Dylan Werner Denver, 2018

-Christian Florez, Bozeman 2018.

-Meghan Currie, Bali 2019.


-Tara Brach’s online Meditation Course March-April 2019

-Anatomy course with Gil Hedley October 2019

-Embodied Consciousness Immersion October 2019