The Thing I Find Valuable about Meditation Is


The thing about meditation that I think is so valuable is that the more time that we spend in the mind-space of presence in a meditation practice, the easier we can access that mind space when we are off-the-mat. We come to yoga to find movement in the body and to make our bodies healthy - but a big part of the practice also includes training the mind into stillness and the ability to connect to the present moment, both on and off the mat. We use the breath as a tool because it is always a connection to the present moment and a connection to the physical body. I lead a 1-hour meditation at our local Buddhist meditation center once per week. Those of you in Bozeman who might be curious but intimidated, reach out! Iā€™d love to support you in trying it. Those of you elsewhere, you can download an app such as Headspace or Calm for some great guided meditation. My teacher, Tara Judelle, also has one up on Yogaglo! Find your pathway in.