Education, Qualifications, Experience. Etc.



Trainings + Education

Embodied Flow (500 hour E-RYT + Movement Therapy)

-200-hour “Art of Facilitation” in Greece, August 2015.

-100-hour “Body” Module in Bali, January 2016.

-100-hour “Mind” Module in Bali, December 2018.

-100-hour “Expression” Module in Bali, January 2019.

-200 Hour Somatic Movement Therapy in Bali, February 2019.

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Teaching Experience

-Your Yoga Bozeman, September 2015-present.

-Spire Climbing Center, May 2016 - present. (Adults + Kids)

-Ekam Yoga, May 2017-May 2018.

-Montana State University, December 2016 - May 2017.

-Montana Lotus Yoga. 2016. (Adults + Kids)

-Yellowstone Club Substitute Teacher, winter season 2017.

-Private Corporate Yoga, May 2016-present.

-Mountain Yoga, February 2019-present.

-Big Sky Yoga Retreats, Summer 2018-present.

-I’ve taught at many events throughout the Bozeman area!

-Arm Balance/Inversion Workshops

-Yoga Off the Mat workshop



Other people I’ve trained with through a workshop setting:

-Desiree Rumbaugh Bozeman, 2015

-Dylan Werner Denver, 2018

-Christian Florez, Bozeman 2018.

-Meghan Currie, Bali 2019.


-Tara Brach’s online Meditation Course March-April 2019

-Anatomy course with Gil Hedley October 2019

-Embodied Consciousness Immersion October 2019