Seva Events and Free Yoga

Hi friends! 

This post will be short and sweet, announcing two small events that I'll be a part of as a piece of January's Seva challenge. This coming Saturday, January 13, I'll be teaching TWO free yoga classes in Bozeman. Both will be all-levels (but challenging!) sweaty Vinyasa flow. You are asked to bring a donation to the food bank, however nobody will be turned away from class. 

The first class is part of Ekam Yoga's Self Care Saturday, which happens once per month. I'll be teaching at 9am, and this will kick off a week-long food drive at the studio. The second class will be 75 minutes long at Your Yoga, from 2-3:15pm. Maybe you could even come to both! 

The theme for these classes will be Seva, or selfless service, which you can read about on my first blog post! In short, Seva is the act of doing without expecting anything in return. It is to give for the sake of giving itself. Speaking of - how are your Seva challenges going? Share with me your good deeds and whether this has brought any new awareness to how you move through your day. 

Lastly, watch for part 2 of January's YOTM Book Club: The Power of Kindness. 

Happy Monday!


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